Shalkur Kernel Powder Capsules 200

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Shalkur Apricot Kernel Capsules 200
Contain bitter kernels harvested from organically grown apricots.

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Bitterness Guide: Very bitter.

Food Standards Agency Guidance
Advice by the Food Standards Agency on apricot kernels and bitter almond kernels. - Bitter apricot kernels, and bitter almond kernels, contain high amounts of the naturally-occurring substance called amygdalin that contributes to the bitter taste. Full postings can be found at the UKFSA and EUFSA websites.

Their advice discourages the eating of them, this however applies to raw, unprocessed apricot kernels, bitter almond kernels and powdered forms of them. Apricot kernels are widely used as flavouring in foods. These flavoured products are safe to eat because the kernels have been heated.

There are many other uses for these natural seeds. When crushed or in powdered form they can be used (along with other ingredients such as coconut oil and himalayan salt), in home made skin preparations and rubs etc.

Please check all information available and use responsibly.

Shalkur Kernel Store Disclaimer

By purchasing this item you are accepting that the Shalkur Kernel Store, its owners, affiliates or agents do not offer any advice as to their use or make claims of any health or other benefits.
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